Friday, 25 June 2010


I've had a short email conservation with an editorial designer whose identity, for obvious reasons, I'll keep as 'ANON'.

Would it be possible for you to supply us with the image attached at
hi-res, we are working on an interiors article for Du¢¢¢¢¢¢ and G••••••••
L∞¢# magazine and [Interior Designer] is mentioned. Obviously we will credit the photograph to yourself.


I replied, presuming that no budget was being offered.

Yes, sorry no budget, it is a dps by one of our freelance writers and we
source images from various places but would have liked to use that pic
credited to you if possible.

I ignored the email and went about my business.

Hi Brendan,

In light of us having no budget for this piece, was your final answer

We would only use it as a one off, with your credit on it and not back
it up to our archive system if that helps towards my case at all......

plus I personally would be eternally grateful as I could stop ploughing
through numerous stock images to find something that comes up to the
same standard!

I replied:

Where on my website or anywhere else does it say "FREE"?
This is my business and income. Can I ask if you or any of your colleagues work for nothing? Do you get your gas and electricity for free?

Sorry but in the light of you wanting an easier option than "ploughing
through numerous stock images to find something that comes up to the
same standard" you might just need to pay!

Brendan MacNeill

Ok, thanks anyway..... was a bit cheeky and by no means was I
downgrading anything you do by suggesting you allow us to use your image
but it was only because our writer had directed us to the interior
designer who's images were taken by yourself. I thank you for your time
and will continue with my ploughing.

Have a good weekend.

Yes you said it - 'CHEEKY'. And being pedantic they're not his images. He has low res versions that I've licensed to him. The images remain mine at all times.


  1. On the bright side, cheeky git though s/he was, they remained pleasant at least and rapidly admitted their cheek :-))

    Bright side 2, they asked and didn't steal first ! :-)

    Dark side: The attitude about web images being for free is an increasingly frightening phenomenon :-((

  2. How about sending them a hi-res version, with your water mark copyright details plastered many, many times over it?

  3. I like Simon's comment. Mind you, it might piss them off - but, in the words of Tony Blair & the comedienne whose name I forget - 'are u bovver'd'

    Enjoy yer weekend


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